Learn About the Family Behind Yum Yum Commercial Kitchen

Our Family-Owned Kitchen

Built On Our Love Of Good People & Great Food

Rick and Cheryl Montana met over thirty years ago during their time at Unity College, and have been together ever since. Rick originated from New York, and Cheryl came from Connecticut. Both lovers of a good laugh and a big hug, the two knew right away that they were two parts of the same heart.

Love and Food

Ricky fell in love with Cheryl’s huge heart, welcoming soul, and phenomenal cooking, and Cheryl fell in love with Ricky’s loving nature, solid dad-jokes, and dedication to his community. Before long, Cheryl was living with Ricky in his hand-built shack with no running water or electricity–loading the wood stove for warmth and boiling water from the stream for hygiene. What a time it was for the couple to look back on compared to the abundant lives they have built for themselves today.

The Growth of Our Home

Over the next thirty years Ricky and Cheryl went on to build an amazing and beautiful home for them and their son, Mario, complete with two cabins for Unity College students to rent. The family became a staple in the small town of Troy where Rick has served as both an EMT as well as town selectman. Cheryl has been a maternal figure for Unity College students for years, and Mario has been a devout citizen–diligently doing his duty of putting a smile on the face of every passerby he encounters. Mario has also recently been welcomed on as a member of the Troy town Fire Department.

Our Son, Mario

Mario is such a unique and special human. He has such a beautiful way of bringing a warm smile to each person he meets. He adores music, rides on his side-by-side, good movies, coloring, and spending quality time with his friends and family. Most of all, Mario loves a quality, home-cooked meal or treat. Mario is one of the biggest motivators behind everything Rick & Cheryl have done with their lives. Once you meet him – you will understand why.

Yum Yum Kitchen Services

Our commercial kitchen comes completely stocked for your convenience! Check out our services page for a comprehensive list of things that we have available for use in our kitchen. We also offer free wifi, an office space, and storage for rent. We are open with 24/7 availability! Reach out today to book your time.

Get Creative With Your Cooking

If you are in need of a certified place to bake creative culinary projects, we would love to be your first choice. Our welcoming, quiet, open space is the perfect place to spread out and take full advantage of some alone time to truly tap into your culinary passion. Yum Yum Kitchen strives to be the most comfortable, fully-stocked, convenient certified kitchen Maine could offer!

Contact the Yum Yum Family

Have a question, suggestion, or booking inquiry? We would love to hear from you, you can give us a call or shoot us an email. We also have a convenient message box for you here. We are a kind and welcoming family of people who care about the community. We are so appreciative of your business. Reach out today!